Things to do in United States for foreigners P.1

  1. Visit the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
  2. Yosemite park
  3. Lego land
  4. Disney World
  5. Disney Land
  6. SeaWorld
  7. California Beaches
  8. Seattle Space shuttle
  9. Houston Space Station
  10. Sam Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Baseball, football, soccer, etc. (GAMES)
  13. Swim in the waters of Florida
  14. 6 flags
  15. New York City

Things to do when bored

  1. Make friends on Social Media

** Start a convo with someone on social media.. Maybe talk  with them in real life.

2. Make friends in real life.

** It is always good to get to know someone. Maybe be nice to your classmate or co-worker, Ask them to grab a drink so get something to eat, maybe even watching a movie.

3. Learn a language.

**You might gain some knowledge and impress some friends. It will make you look smarter and cooler.

4. Meet up with some friends

** Maybe spend the day with a friend or two. Grab something to eat, watch a movie, head to the mall, go to the beach, arcade, or take it simple and go to the park.

5.  Sleep

**its just good:)



1.  Beaches: You have to visit La Jolla, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, Ocean Beach,  Pacific beach.

2. Go to Belmont Park: Belmont Park is an amusement park which is over 50 years old! It includes many rides and its famous ride the GIANT DIPPER. Also ride the beach blaster .

3. SeaWorld: Go to SeaWorld which is amusement park for the amazing Sea creatures. There are rides and many shows. Everything is ocean theme.

4 DisneyWorld: The world of magical places and imagination. The place of fun for children and relaxation. Disneyland has many rides and attractions. There is also a second part known as the California Adventure. You can also stay at night and enjoy the scenery.

5. SixFlags!: This place is famous for its many rides. Actually all they have are rides. Most rides there are superhero themed. So enjoy the fast rides and challenge yourself.

6. Qualcomm Stadium: Qualcomm has many events every weeks. Look for times and see what events you would want to attend.

7. FOOD: Most places in San Diego are good. But for my taste I enjoy going to BobaTime and eating Korean BBQ. Maybe grab some Burritos or tacos. Or eat some delicious burgers. If you like eating veggies. Maybe you can eat at Soup Plantation.

8. Shopping: I recommend going to Fashion Valley, Mission Valley,  North County mall, and many Outlets. These malls all have designer brands, fashion for both men and female, kids and teens, even for some pets!

** This concludes my post. But there are many more things to do!


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